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Our Story

Real Connection Media came out of the idea that business owners aren't just selling products or services, they have a passion for and a reason why they are in business. The best marketing can articulate that passion and reason in a way that creates a community of customers that  becomes passionately connected through their experiences with the business. In today's digital world these experiences take place online instead of in person. At Real Connection Media we can help you create engaging, meaningful online experiences with your customers.

Digital Marketing with a Passion

As a software engineering manager at Intel I could see the power of technology to make people's lives better. With the advent of social media and video platforms we could more easily connect with distant friends and family. We could connect with others sharing similar interests and pastimes. It became clear that digital marketing had the potential to make meaningful connections between business and customer in a way that traditional marketing could not.


I created Real Connection Media to help businesses make these types of connections, to truly express a business owner's passion and vision while building an online community around their business.

And in the tradition of social media here is my dog Strider. He is waiting for me to throw the ball.

Brian Buckle  / Owner - Web Solutions Specialist

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