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What We Offer



The primary goal in creating or rebuilding a website is to increase engagement with potential and/or current clients.


A good website will offer the user information that builds from general information to more specific details while providing calls to action and clear pathways to inquiry along the way. Important elements of a well designed website are:

  • Clean and simple look and feel;

  • Straightforward navigation through the site;

  • Strong calls to action (e.g. “click” to calls, form submissions, buttons with intriguing propositions, etc.);

  • Clear value proposition;

  • Organic engaging content;

  • Trust factors;

  • Evergreen content;

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is the process of configuring a website to increase the quality and quantity of organic search results. When done properly, SEO will elevate your business in the user’s search results page thus increasing traffic to your website and leading to more customer conversions for your business.

  • Identification and implementation of strong relevant keywords to increase page ranking and to decrease bounce rate;

  • Strong page titles and descriptions;

  • Inner and outer linking;

  • HTML tag optimization;

  • Page speed optimization;

  • Mobile ready;


Set-Up Google Analytics/Tag Manager

Used to monitor site performance and to feed marketing data for improved SEO, email campaigns, and targeted marketing campaigns.


Set-Up Optimized YouTube Channel

Repository for video content that will feed the blog. With optimized videos you can increase potential inquires.


Set-Up Business Pages for Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

These listings will drive additional traffic to your site and are essential for local SEO.

Digital Customer Experiences

Traditional means of creating customer experiences to market your business are rapidly transitioning from physical events, in store activities, classes, and demonstrations to digital experiences. Customer experiences are a critical part of any marketing strategy for increasing customer retention, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction. We can help you translate those traditional methods into new engaging experiences that excite and connect your customers and clients.

Let us help you design online customer experiences through videos, streaming, social media, virtual groups, virtual classes, video calls, and video meeting software.



Leverage video to create organic content to drive additional website engagement. Especially effective when combined with the blog platform, videos can become reusable content for your website, social media marketing campaigns, and email marketing campaigns.

  • Instructional Videos;

  • Social Media Posts;

  • Product Promotions;

  • Event Videos;

  • Meet the Community /Team /Founder /Etc;


Email marketing campaigns can be particularly effective especially if you have a means of capturing potential client emails. We can help you brainstorm ways to build email lists. To improve efficiency and effectiveness, we can also help set up a DRIP campaign, a targeted email campaign sent automatically at varying intervals to keep maintain engagement. Email campaigns offer opportunities to deliver key information to current and potential clients.

  • Review current email marketing;

  • Establish a consistent look and feel between all digital marketing assets;

  • Link website to email marketing platform;

  • Create sign up form for email marketing;

  • Create email marketing branded template;

  • Develop an email marketing strategy using DRIP campaigns;


We will work with you to customize a digital marketing plan that will meet your needs. 

  • Combining the technical aspects of search and video optimization with a targeted marketing strategy based on your mission and vision;

  • Email marketing campaigns;

  • Social media platform integration;

  • Engaging video production;

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