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Web Redesign/SEO

A key to getting found on search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo is identifying the right keywords for your business and using those keywords throughout your webpage in a creative and engaging way. Meaningful and relevant content will drive users to your website, not gimmicky SEO tricks and promises.


Web Creation

Truly understanding a client's mission and vision is critical to designing a website that is a reflection of who they are and engages potential customers and clients in a meaningful way.


Digital Marketing

American River Ace Hardware was looking to move their marketing efforts into the digital realm having been traditionally focused on print media. We employed a full spread of digital marketing services including social media content post creation, videos with YouTube, email marketing newsletter to loyal BBQ customers and a marketing strategy for targeting Facebook and Instagram.


Digital Marketing

A longer 3-5 minute informational video can provide tons of rich, relevant content for your blog and website as well as help to educate your customers and clients more deeply what you do.


Social Media

Fun thematic social media posts are sure to increase follower engagement and brand loyalty.


Promotional Video

Event or product videos are great for creating a buzz and generating excitement on social media. 


Promotional Video

Highlight new products or services with short videos on social media and email marketing.


Promotional Video

Emigh Ace Hardware wanted to highlight their employees to make that human connection with their customers. Besides serving as social media post these videos provide relevant, rich, organic content for Emigh Ace Hardware's website and blog. All video content is transcribed and optimized for the YouTube channel as well as the website.



Email marketing like newsletters and product promotions keep your current customers and clients updated on latest offerings, important announcements, discounts, and teachable moments. A good newsletter can help customers connect more with your business resulting in higher customer retention and repeat visits.


Our Clients


We help small businesses grow online by providing a variety of digital services.  If you are not being found online or you need more online visibility we can help! Check out some of our projects below.


Website Creation, Redesign and SEO

Informational Marketing Videos

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Social Media and Email Marketing

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SEO, Web, & Social Media Consulting

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